Our Progress

Where we are now

FTSE Women Leaders
The Hampton Alexander Review launched their national initiative and early thinking at an event on the 7th July, hosted by KPMG and with the support of Government Ministers.

We set out the scope and focus of our efforts in leadership ranks as being the Executive Committee and Direct Reports to the Executive Committee of FTSE 350 Companies.

However, voluntary disclosures of women's representation on the Executive Committee and the Direct Reports layer below, will play a key role in establishing the starting point and monitoring progress.

This is why we have asked all FTSE 350 CEO's to disclose this information to us over the Summer as part of our evidence gathering and development of a suitable framework for action with accompanying recommendations.

We plan to publish our full report in November, and meanwhile are keen to capture stakeholders views on progress, obstacles and the merits of voluntary targets below the board.

If you would like to share views with us please follow this link before 1st September 2016.

FTSE Boards
There are now no all-male boards in the FTSE 100, which is a first and milestone event in the history of the London Stock Exchange. There remain 14 all-male boards in the FTSE 250, down from 152 all-male boards in 2011, but this is still 14 too many.

From a starting point of 152 all-male boards in the FTSE 350 when we began this journey, 14 remaining and ever decreasing, is by any standards, a tremendous achievement.

More women than ever before now serve on British boards, as of October 2015 there were a total of 628 women board members across the FTSE 350, 263 women on FTSE 100 boards and 365 women board members in the FTSE 250.

Some were concerned there may be insufficient women capable of fuelling demand. To the contrary, organisations such as Cranfield have profiled over 400 capable women through their 100 Women to Watch publications (previous years: 2015, 2014, 2013), Women on Boards UK now count nearly 10,000 aspiring women in their network, and KPMG will showcase more women ready and willing to serve on British boards in their new online database: On Board.

The manner in which British business has robustly and voluntarily, embraced this agenda and the enormous ground swell of support in its wake, could scarcely have been anticipated nor more welcomed, when Lord Davies and his Steering Group first published their review in 2011.

Since then the number of women serving on FTSE 350 Boards has more than doubled. This is far from gender parity, but it is a major milestone in a much longer journey.

Where we are now

The Hampton-Alexander Review (the Review) is an independent, business-led review supported by Government, which builds on the success of the Davies Review. In 2016 it set a series of Recommendations aimed at increasing the number of women in leadership positions of FTSE 350 companies.


The Recommendations called for action from all stakeholders and included a target of 33% women on FTSE 350 Boards and 33% women in FTSE 100 leadership teams by 2020. Leadership teams are comprised of members of the Executive Committee and those senior leaders who are Direct Reports to Executive Committee members.

In extending the target of 33% women to include FTSE 250 leadership teams this year, the UK’s voluntary framework to improve women’s representation at the top is arguably the biggest and boldest of any other country.

The Review scope captures 23,000 leaders in 350 of Britain’s largest companies and extends down two leadership layers below the board. There is no doubt British business has been set a significant challenge. Despite overwhelming support for the direction of travel and an appetite to see faster progress, it is clear there is still much more to do.

Executive Committee and Direct Reports

For the FTSE 100 2017 has been a year of foundation building, with only a minimal increase in the number of women on the Combined Executive Committee and Direct Reports, up from 25.1% in 2016 to 25.2% this year. The better news is that transparency is much improved, with all FTSE 100 companies submitting their leadership data and an automated collection process and robust guidance, leading to greater confidence and consistency in the data.

For the FTSE 250 all but 10 companies submitted data this year, providing for the first time a near-complete set of data on women’s representation in leadership across the FTSE 350. It is also clear that many companies have been collecting their data for the first time. This in itself is real progress. The starting position for the FTSE 250 is at 24% for the Combined Executive Committee and Direct Reports, similar to that of the FTSE 100 last year and as it stands currently. However, there is a more marked difference in women’s representation on the Executive Committee, with the FTSE 250 at 16.6%, compared to the FTSE 100 at 19.3% currently.

It is apparent many companies have been working hard on this agenda for some time - and with obvious results. There are now 55 FTSE 350 companies at, or above the 33% target. Some companies have moved very fast, others very slow, some are just beginning and others yet to begin.

A step change is needed in pace. With just less than a third of FTSE 350 leadership roles going to women in the year, this falls short of what is required. Almost one in two or around 40% of all appointments need to go to women over the next three years to achieve the 33% target.

Women on Boards

As for Women on Boards, after a slow year in 2016 progress has picked up again with the FTSE 100 up at 27.7% compared to 26.6% last year. Over a third of the FTSE 350 are already at 33% or more, or ‘on track’ to do so by 2020. For FTSE 100 Boards to reach the 33% target by the end of 2020, they need to achieve the same rate of progress over the next three years, as they did in the previous three years and similarly with a step up in appointment rate. Over a third of the FTSE 350 are already at 33% or more or ‘on track’ to do so by 2020. There are now 10 All-Male Boards, including two recent additions at the beginning of November 2017.

Going Forward

Whilst it is clear there is much more to do, the excellent research, emerging best practice and willingness to share learning grow every year. The gap between companies working hard to shift gender balance at the top and those doing very little has never been more obvious. Sector has marginal impact with star performers and laggards in every sector. It is the ambition of the leader that matters most.

The goal and inherent benefits for British business are within reach. However, continued success requires robust action from stakeholders – and every company in the FTSE 350 to play their part.

FTSE 350 Company Ranking as at October 2017

FTSE 350 companies are ranked according to the number of women serving on the board and as a proportion of the whole board.


RankCompanyFTSE IndexSectorWomen
on Boards
% Woman On
ExecComm & DR
Board sizeTotal Women
on Boards
1ASCENTIAL PLC250Media & Entertainment57.1%43.3%74
2JUPITER FUND MANAGEMENT PLC250Speciality & Other Finance55.6%14.8%95
3ROYAL MAIL PLC250Transport50.0%33.7%84
4RENEWABLES INFRASTRUCTURE GROUP LTD250Investment Companies50.0%Investment Trust42
5WOODFORD PATIENT CAPITAL TRUST PLC250Investment Companies50.0%Investment Trust63
6NEXT PLC100General Retailers44.4%47.0%94
7SEVERN TRENT PLC100Utilities - Other44.4%34.5%94
8DIAGEO PLC100Beverages44.4%32.7%94
9WHITBREAD PLC100Leisure & Hotels44.4%29.4%94
10KINGFISHER PLC100General Retailers44.4%29.2%94
11MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS PLC100Leisure & Hotels44.4%18.8%94
12PAGEGROUP PLC250Business Services44.4%13.6%94
13ENTERTAINMENT ONE LTD250Media & Entertainment42.9%43.1%73
14GREGGS PLC250Food & Drug Retailers42.9%32.2%73
15REDROW PLC250Construction & Building Materials42.9%28.6%73
16MORGAN ADVANCED MATERIALS PLC250Engineering & Machinery42.9%22.0%73
17COUNTRYSIDE PROPERTIES PLC250Construction & Building Materials42.9%20.0%73
18SENIOR PLC250Aerospace & Defence42.9%14.5%73
19OLD MUTUAL PLC100Life Assurance41.7%35.7%125
20GLAXOSMITHKLINE PLC100Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology41.7%25.7%125
21KENNEDY WILSON EUROPE REAL ESTATE PLC250Investment Companies40.0%40.9%52
22HALFORDS GROUP PLC250General Retailers40.0%36.2%52
23INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS GROUP PLC100Leisure & Hotels40.0%36.0%104
24AGGREKO PLC250Business Services40.0%24.6%104
25HALMA PLC250Engineering & Machinery40.0%21.4%104
26ABERFORTH SMALLER COMPANIES TRUST PLC250Investment Companies40.0%Investment Trust52
27JPMORGAN INDIAN INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies40.0%Investment Trust52
28POLAR CAPITAL TECHNOLOGY TRUST PLC250Investment Companies40.0%Investment Trust52
29SCOTTISH MORTGAGE INVESTMENT TRUST PLC100Investment Companies40.0%Investment Trust52
30UNILEVER PLC100Food Producers & Processors38.5%31.5%135
31BROWN(N.)GROUP PLC250General Retailers37.5%47.1%83
32ADMIRAL GROUP PLC100Insurance37.5%35.3%83
33GRAINGER PLC250Real Estate37.5%28.8%83
34CLOSE BROTHERS GROUP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance37.5%28.3%83
35BARRATT DEVELOPMENTS PLC100Construction & Building Materials37.5%26.5%83
36RIGHTMOVE PLC250Media & Entertainment37.5%25.9%83
37RANDGOLD RESOURCES LTD100Mining37.5%20.6%83
38ELEMENTIS PLC250Chemicals37.5%17.2%83
39SIRIUS MINERALS PLC250Mining37.5%11.8%83
40FOREIGN & COLONIAL INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies37.5%Investment Trust83
41WETHERSPOON(J.D.) PLC250Leisure & Hotels37.5%No Data Submitted83
42INDIVIOR PLC250Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology36.4%36.9%114
43ASTRAZENECA PLC100Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology36.4%35.9%114
44HAYS PLC250Business Services36.4%30.1%114
45PHOENIX GROUP HOLDINGS250Speciality & Other Finance36.4%27.3%114
46THOMAS COOK GROUP PLC250Leisure & Hotels36.4%25.9%114
47RELX PLC100Media & Entertainment36.4%23.9%114
48VODAFONE GROUP PLC100Telecommunication Services36.4%22.5%114
49FERGUSON PLC100Construction & Building Materials36.4%19.7%114
50SHAFTESBURY PLC250Real Estate33.3%55.6%93
51EASYJET PLC100Leisure & Hotels33.3%41.0%93
52BURBERRY GROUP PLC100General Retailers33.3%40.8%124
53ASSURA PLC250Real Estate33.3%40.0%62
54CARD FACTORY PLC250General Retailers33.3%40.0%62
55LAND SECURITIES GROUP PLC100Real Estate33.3%35.7%93
56PZ CUSSONS PLC250Clothing, Leisure and Personal Products33.3%35.0%62
57JOHNSON MATTHEY PLC100Chemicals33.3%34.8%93
58MITIE GROUP PLC250Business Services33.3%34.3%93
59ESURE GROUP PLC250Insurance33.3%32.0%93
60UBM PLC250Media & Entertainment33.3%31.7%93
61AUTO TRADER GROUP PLC250Media & Entertainment33.3%29.6%62
62PENNON GROUP PLC250Utilities - Other33.3%29.5%62
63INTU PROPERTIES PLC250Real Estate33.3%29.2%93
64ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC100Oil & Gas33.3%25.0%124
65WOOD GROUP (JOHN) PLC250Oil & Gas33.3%23.7%93
66SCOTTISH INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies33.3%22.2%62
67VICTREX PLC250Chemicals33.3%20.0%93
68G4S PLC100Business Services33.3%19.5%93
69HARGREAVES LANSDOWN PLC100Speciality & Other Finance33.3%19.4%93
70CREST NICHOLSON HOLDINGS PLC250Construction & Building Materials33.3%19.4%93
71ST MODWEN PROPERTIES PLC250Real Estate33.3%18.6%93
72ROLLS-ROYCE HOLDINGS PLC100Aerospace & Defence33.3%17.6%124
73DCC PLC100Business Services33.3%15.9%93
74ROTORK PLC250Engineering & Machinery33.3%14.0%62
75ASHTEAD GROUP PLC100Business Services33.3%10.0%93
76ALFA FINANCIAL SOFTWARE HOLDINGS PLC250Software & Computer Services33.3%New Entry to Index62
77FIDELITY CHINA SPECIAL SITUATIONS PLC250Investment Companies33.3%Investment Trust62
78FIDELITY EUROPEAN VALUES PLC250Investment Companies33.3%Investment Trust62
79GENESIS EMERGING MARKETS FUND LTD250Investment Companies33.3%Investment Trust62
80JOHN LAING INFRASTRUCTURE FUND LTD250Investment Companies33.3%Investment Trust62
81MURRAY INTERNATIONAL TRUST PLC250Investment Companies33.3%Investment Trust62
82WH SMITH PLC250General Retailers33.3%No Data Submitted62
83SHIRE PLC100Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology30.8%32.5%134
84TUI AG100Leisure & Hotels30.8%13.2%268
85BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO PLC100Tobacco30.8%12.5%134
86MARKS & SPENCER GROUP PLC100General Retailers30.0%43.2%103
87UNITED UTILITIES GROUP PLC100Utilities - Other30.0%35.1%103
88DIXONS CARPHONE PLC250Telecommunication Services30.0%31.8%103
89ALDERMORE GROUP PLC250Banks30.0%31.1%103
90LEGAL & GENERAL GROUP PLC100Life Assurance30.0%30.8%103
91VIRGIN MONEY HOLDINGS (UK) PLC250Speciality & Other Finance30.0%30.8%103
92SAINSBURY(J) PLC100Food & Drug Retailers30.0%29.3%103
93PEARSON PLC100Media & Entertainment30.0%28.1%103
94TATE & LYLE PLC250Food Producers & Processors30.0%25.4%103
95CONVATEC GROUP PLC100Health30.0%25.3%103
96BAE SYSTEMS PLC100Aerospace & Defence30.0%24.1%103
97SERCO GROUP PLC250Business Services30.0%22.3%103
98DIRECT LINE INSURANCE GROUP PLC100Insurance30.0%20.0%103
99SSE PLC100Electricity30.0%17.5%103
100WEIR GROUP PLC (The)250Engineering & Machinery30.0%17.3%103
101INTERTEK GROUP PLC100Business Services30.0%17.1%103
102MICRO FOCUS INTERNATIONAL PLC100Software & Computer Services30.0%16.1%103
103ONESAVINGS BANK PLC250Banks30.0%14.0%103
104IMPERIAL BRANDS PLC100Tobacco30.0%12.2%103
105JIMMY CHOO PLC250Clothing, Leisure and Personal Products30.0%New Entry to Index103
106HSBC HOLDINGS PLC100Banks29.4%25.0%175
107TED BAKER PLC250General Retailers28.6%46.2%72
108HANSTEEN HLDGS PLC250Real Estate28.6%41.7%72
109PAYPOINT PLC250Business Services28.6%39.4%72
110IWG PLC250Business Services28.6%35.9%72
111NEWRIVER REIT PLC250Real Estate28.6%35.4%72
112ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP PLC100Banks28.6%31.6%144
113MONEYSUPERMARKET.COM GROUP PLC250Media & Entertainment28.6%31.4%72
114SAGA PLC250Insurance28.6%31.1%72
115SAFESTORE HOLDINGS PLC250Real Estate28.6%27.3%72
116BREWIN DOLPHIN HOLDINGS PLC250Speciality & Other Finance28.6%27.1%72
117RENTOKIL INITIAL PLC100Business Services28.6%24.1%72
118RATHBONE BROTHERS PLC250Speciality & Other Finance28.6%13.2%72
119IBSTOCK PLC250Construction & Building Materials28.6%9.1%72
120EQUINITI GROUP PLC250Business Services28.6%New Entry to Index72
121INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC PARTNERSHIPS LTD250Investment Companies28.6%Investment Trust72
122TEMPLE BAR INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies28.6%Investment Trust72
123OCADO GROUP PLC250Food & Drug Retailers27.3%31.8%113
124BHP BILLITON PLC100Mining27.3%31.7%113
125NATIONAL GRID PLC100Electricity27.3%28.4%113
126HISCOX LTD250Insurance27.3%25.0%113
127TESCO PLC100Food & Drug Retailers27.3%23.7%113
128SKY PLC100Media & Entertainment27.3%23.5%113
129SCHRODERS PLC100Speciality & Other Finance27.3%21.5%113
130UDG HEALTHCARE PLC250Health27.3%21.3%113
131BT GROUP PLC100Telecommunication Services27.3%18.2%113
132CARNIVAL PLC100Leisure & Hotels27.3%16.9%113
133WILLIAM HILL PLC250Leisure & Hotels27.3%16.5%113
134NMC HEALTH PLC100Health27.3%15.9%113
135RECKITT BENCKISER GROUP PLC100Clothing, Leisure and Personal Products27.3%13.4%113
136STAGECOACH GROUP PLC250Transport27.3%13.3%113
137CRH PLC100Construction & Building Materials27.3%9.3%113
138WM MORRISON SUPERMARKETS PLC100Food & Drug Retailers25.0%43.1%82
139BRITISH LAND CO PLC100Real Estate25.0%40.0%123
140DOMINO'S PIZZA GROUP PLC250Leisure & Hotels25.0%39.3%82
141ITV PLC100Media & Entertainment25.0%36.7%82
142HASTINGS GROUP HOLDINGS PLC250Insurance25.0%36.2%123
143CYBG PLC250Banks25.0%35.7%123
144MCCARTHY & STONE PLC250Construction & Building Materials25.0%34.9%82
145NEX GROUP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance25.0%34.5%82
146SPIRE HEALTHCARE GROUP PLC250Health25.0%33.3%82
147DUNELM GROUP PLC250General Retailers25.0%32.7%82
148AVIVA PLC100Life Assurance25.0%32.0%123
149SAGE GROUP PLC100Software & Computer Services25.0%31.5%82
150IG GROUP HOLDINGS PLC250Speciality & Other Finance25.0%30.4%82
151LANCASHIRE HOLDINGS LTD250Insurance25.0%30.3%82
152HOWDEN JOINERY GROUP PLC250General Retailers25.0%27.5%82
153MONDI PLC100Forestry & Paper25.0%27.0%82
154WPP PLC100Media & Entertainment25.0%27.0%123
155SMITH & NEPHEW PLC100Health25.0%26.1%123
156STANDARD CHARTERED PLC100Banks25.0%25.3%123
157NB GLOBAL FLOATING RATE INCOME FUND LTD250Investment Companies25.0%25.0%41
1583I GROUP PLC100Private Equity25.0%23.5%82
159CRODA INTERNATIONAL PLC100Chemicals25.0%23.5%82
160CENTRICA PLC100Utilities - Other25.0%22.7%123
161ELECTROCOMPONENTS PLC250Business Services25.0%22.6%82
162STANDARD LIFE ABERDEEN PLC100Life Assurance25.0%21.6%164
163WORLDPAY GROUP PLC100Business Services25.0%21.4%82
164BEAZLEY PLC250Insurance25.0%21.2%123
165ULTRA ELECTRONICS HLDGS PLC250Aerospace & Defence25.0%19.0%82
166TP ICAP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance25.0%17.2%82
167AMEC FOSTER WHEELER PLC250Construction & Building Materials25.0%16.9%82
168IMI PLC250Engineering & Machinery25.0%16.4%82
169DS SMITH PLC250Containers & Packaging25.0%15.2%82
170COBHAM PLC250Aerospace & Defence25.0%14.9%82
171VESUVIUS PLC250Engineering & Machinery25.0%14.8%82
172SIG PLC250Construction & Building Materials25.0%13.2%82
173BOOKER GROUP PLC250Food Producers & Processors25.0%11.4%82
174GALLIFORD TRY PLC250Construction & Building Materials25.0%10.3%82
175ESSENTRA PLC250Business Services25.0%6.1%82
176RPC GROUP PLC250Containers & Packaging25.0%5.9%82
177SEQUOIA ECONOMIC INFRASTRUCTURE INCOME FUND LTD250Investment Companies25.0%New Entry to Index41
178TR PROPERTY INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Real Estate25.0%Investment Trust41
179MARSTON'S PLC250Leisure & Hotels25.0%No Data Submitted82
180P2P GLOBAL INVESTMENTS PLC250Investment Companies25.0%No Data Submitted41
181COCA-COLA HBC AG100Beverages23.1%30.3%133
182BP PLC100Oil & Gas23.1%25.6%133
183LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC100Banks23.1%24.8%133
184BARCLAYS PLC100Banks23.1%24.7%133
185BERKELEY GROUP HOLDINGS PLC100Construction & Building Materials23.1%16.9%133
186ANGLO AMERICAN PLC100Mining23.1%15.3%133
187FDM GROUP (HOLDINGS) PLC250Software & Computer Services22.2%41.9%92
188PROVIDENT FINANCIAL PLC250Speciality & Other Finance22.2%37.3%92
189PETS AT HOME GROUP PLC250General Retailers22.2%34.8%92
190INFORMA PLC100Media & Entertainment22.2%31.7%92
191UNITE GROUP PLC250Real Estate22.2%31.0%92
192IP GROUP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance22.2%29.4%92
193BTG PLC250Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology22.2%28.6%92
194JUST EAT PLC250Consumer Services22.2%28.6%92
195TAYLOR WIMPEY PLC100Construction & Building Materials22.2%27.1%92
196BUNZL PLC100Business Services22.2%26.9%92
197LADBROKES CORAL GROUP PLC250Leisure & Hotels22.2%25.4%92
198PAYSAFE GROUP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance22.2%25.2%92
199QINETIQ GROUP PLC250Aerospace & Defence22.2%25.0%92
200FIDESSA GROUP PLC250Software & Computer Services22.2%23.1%92
201ASSOCIATED BRITISH FOODS PLC100Food Producers & Processors22.2%22.3%92
202DIGNITY PLC250Consumer Services22.2%22.2%92
203BELLWAY PLC250Construction & Building Materials22.2%20.8%92
204SPIRAX-SARCO ENGINEERING PLC250Engineering & Machinery22.2%19.5%92
205SPECTRIS PLC250Electronic & Electrical Equipment22.2%19.0%92
206COMPUTACENTER PLC250Software & Computer Services22.2%19.0%92
208ST JAMES'S PLACE PLC100Life Assurance22.2%15.3%92
209SMITHS GROUP PLC100Engineering & Machinery22.2%13.6%92
210COATS GROUP PLC250Clothing, Leisure and Personal Products22.2%12.8%92
211PERSIMMON PLC100Construction & Building Materials22.2%12.8%92
212RENISHAW PLC250Electronic & Electrical Equipment22.2%12.5%92
213INTERMEDIATE CAPITAL GROUP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance22.2%11.1%92
214WITAN INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies22.2%Investment Trust92
215CINEWORLD GROUP PLC250Leisure & Hotels20.0%42.1%102
216TRITAX BIG BOX REIT PLC250Real Estate20.0%38.5%51
217TRAVIS PERKINS PLC250Construction & Building Materials20.0%35.6%102
218SYNCONA LTD250Investment Companies20.0%31.6%51
219RSA INSURANCE GROUP PLC100Insurance20.0%30.0%102
220GREENCORE GROUP PLC250Food Producers & Processors20.0%26.5%102
221INVESTEC PLC250Speciality & Other Finance20.0%26.5%153
222ZPG PLC250Media & Entertainment20.0%24.5%102
223TALKTALK TELECOM GROUP PLC250Telecommunication Services20.0%23.9%102
224CAIRN ENERGY PLC250Oil & Gas20.0%22.9%102
225HIKMA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC250Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology20.0%22.2%102
226SOPHOS GROUP PLC250Software & Computer Services20.0%21.8%102
227GREENCOAT UK WIND PLC250Investment Companies20.0%20.0%51
228UK COMMERCIAL PROPERTY TRUST LTD250Real Estate20.0%20.0%51
229HAMMERSON PLC100Real Estate20.0%18.6%102
230FIRSTGROUP PLC250Transport20.0%15.9%102
231INCHCAPE PLC250Automobiles & Parts20.0%15.9%102
232GKN PLC100Automobiles & Parts20.0%14.5%102
233MEGGITT PLC250Aerospace & Defence20.0%10.1%102
234HILL & SMITH HLDGS PLC250Engineering & Machinery20.0%6.0%51
235BANKERS INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies20.0%Investment Trust51
236BRITISH EMPIRE TRUST PLC250Investment Companies20.0%Investment Trust51
237CITY OF LONDON INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies20.0%Investment Trust51
238JPMORGAN AMERICAN INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies20.0%Investment Trust51
239PERPETUAL INCOME & GROWTH INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies20.0%Investment Trust51
240PERSHING SQUARE HOLDINGS LTD250Investment Companies20.0%Investment Trust51
241PERSONAL ASSETS TRUST PLC250Investment Companies20.0%Investment Trust51
242RIT CAPITAL PARTNERS PLC250Investment Companies20.0%Investment Trust102
243WIZZ AIR HOLDINGS PLC250Leisure & Hotels20.0%No Data Submitted102
244EXPERIAN PLC100Business Services18.2%29.2%112
245COMPASS GROUP PLC100Leisure & Hotels18.2%26.6%112
246RIO TINTO PLC100Mining18.2%24.7%112
247PADDY POWER BETFAIR PLC100Leisure & Hotels18.2%22.2%112
249BABCOCK INTERNATIONAL GROUP PLC100Business Services18.2%20.2%112
250MAN GROUP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance18.2%17.7%112
251KIER GROUP PLC250Construction & Building Materials18.2%13.3%112
252ANTOFAGASTA PLC100Mining18.2%12.3%112
253CLS HLDGS PLC250Real Estate18.2%No Data Submitted112
254GO-AHEAD GROUP PLC250Transport16.7%40.9%61
255RESTAURANT GROUP PLC (THE)250Leisure & Hotels16.7%38.8%61
256JD SPORTS FASHION PLC250General Retailers16.7%35.5%61
257SANNE GROUP PLC250Business Services16.7%34.4%61
258NATIONAL EXPRESS GROUP PLC250Transport16.7%33.0%122
259PARAGON BANKING GROUP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance16.7%26.4%122
260HOMESERVE PLC250Business Services16.7%25.5%122
261BODYCOTE PLC250Engineering & Machinery16.7%24.2%61
262INMARSAT PLC250Telecommunication Services16.7%24.1%122
263DERWENT LONDON PLC250Real Estate16.7%22.0%122
264DIPLOMA PLC250Diversified Industrials16.7%20.0%61
265MARSHALLS PLC250Construction & Building Materials16.7%19.4%61
266GCP INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENTS LTD250Investment Companies16.7%16.7%61
267AVEVA GROUP PLC250Software & Computer Services16.7%16.1%61
268SOFTCAT PLC250Software & Computer Services16.7%12.1%61
269POLYPIPE GROUP PLC250Construction & Building Materials16.7%11.8%61
270SMURFIT KAPPA GROUP PLC100Containers & Packaging16.7%11.6%122
271FRESNILLO PLC100Mining16.7%10.7%122
2723I INFRASTRUCTURE PLC250Speciality & Other Finance16.7%Investment Trust61
273ALLIANCE TRUST PLC250Investment Companies16.7%Investment Trust61
274EDINBURGH INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies16.7%Investment Trust61
275F&C COMMERCIAL PROPERTY TRUST LTD250Real Estate16.7%Investment Trust61
276FINSBURY GROWTH & INCOME TRUST PLC250Investment Companies16.7%Investment Trust61
277HICL INFRASTRUCTURE CO LTD250Investment Companies16.7%Investment Trust61
278JPMORGAN EMERGING MARKETS INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies16.7%Investment Trust61
279MERCANTILE INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies16.7%Investment Trust61
280TEMPLETON EMERGING MARKETS INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies16.7%Investment Trust61
281WORLDWIDE HEALTHCARE TRUST PLC250Investment Companies16.7%Investment Trust61
282AA PLC250Business Services16.7%No Data Submitted61
283DECHRA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC250Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology14.3%39.6%71
284WORKSPACE GROUP PLC250Real Estate14.3%30.0%71
285SUPERGROUP PLC250Clothing, Leisure and Personal Products14.3%28.6%71
286DAIRY CREST GROUP PLC250Food Producers & Processors14.3%27.3%71
287BRITVIC PLC250Beverages14.3%27.1%71
288GREENE KING PLC250Leisure & Hotels14.3%26.3%71
289ACACIA MINING PLC250Mining14.3%25.0%71
290CRANSWICK PLC250Food Producers & Processors14.3%24.5%71
291FISHER(JAMES)& SONS PLC250Transport14.3%24.1%71
292ASHMORE GROUP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance14.3%23.8%71
293GENUS PLC250Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology14.3%23.7%71
294PLAYTECH PLC250Software & Computer Services14.3%21.4%71
295BBA AVIATION PLC250Transport14.3%18.3%71
296SAVILLS PLC250Real Estate14.3%16.6%71
297JOHN LAING GROUP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance14.3%15.2%71
298VEDANTA RESOURCES PLC250Mining14.3%14.4%71
299BOVIS HOMES GROUP PLC250Construction & Building Materials14.3%10.3%71
300HUNTING PLC250Oil & Gas14.3%5.9%71
301MONKS INVESTMENT TRUST PLC250Investment Companies14.3%Investment Trust71
302GRAFTON GROUP PLC250Construction & Building Materials14.3%No Data Submitted71
303SSP GROUP PLC250Food Producers & Processors14.3%No Data Submitted71
304TELECOM PLUS PLC250Telecommunication Services14.3%No Data Submitted71
305PRUDENTIAL PLC100Life Assurance13.3%21.2%152
306VECTURA GROUP PLC250Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology12.5%41.9%81
307DRAX GROUP PLC250Electricity12.5%27.5%81
308BGEO GROUP PLC250Banks12.5%27.4%81
309CALEDONIA INVESTMENTS PLC250Investment Companies12.5%26.7%81
310B&M EUROPEAN VALUE RETAIL SA250General Retailers12.5%25.0%81
311KAZ MINERALS PLC250Steel & Other Metals12.5%24.1%81
312NOSTRUM OIL & GAS PLC250Oil & Gas12.5%22.9%81
313BALFOUR BEATTY PLC250Construction & Building Materials12.5%22.1%81
314GREAT PORTLAND ESTATES PLC250Real Estate12.5%21.4%81
315CAPITA PLC250Business Services12.5%19.7%81
316EVRAZ PLC250Steel & Other Metals12.5%18.3%81
317GLENCORE PLC100Mining12.5%15.6%81
318CLARKSON PLC250Transport12.5%14.7%81
319FERREXPO PLC250Steel & Other Metals12.5%14.0%81
320PETROFAC LTD250Oil & Gas12.5%12.8%81
321HOCHSCHILD MINING PLC250Mining12.5%11.1%81
322HARBOURVEST GLOBAL PRIVATE EQUITY LTD250Investment Companies12.5%Investment Trust81
323RIVERSTONE ENERGY LTD250Investment Companies12.5%Investment Trust81
324MELROSE INDUSTRIES PLC250Engineering & Machinery12.5%No Data Submitted81
325ELECTRA PRIVATE EQUITY PLC250Investment Companies11.1%42.9%91
326BIG YELLOW GROUP PLC250Real Estate11.1%33.3%91
327MILLENNIUM & COPTHORNE HOTELS PLC250Leisure & Hotels11.1%31.1%91
328GVC HOLDINGS PLC250Leisure & Hotels11.1%31.0%91
329RANK GROUP PLC (THE)250Leisure & Hotels11.1%29.7%91
330BARR(A.G.) PLC250Beverages11.1%27.0%91
331TULLOW OIL PLC250Oil & Gas11.1%19.6%91
332SYNTHOMER PLC250Chemicals11.1%8.5%91
333SEGRO PLC100Real Estate10.0%26.9%101
334CAPITAL & COUNTIES PROPERTIES PLC250Real Estate10.0%25.6%101
335LONDONMETRIC PROPERTY PLC250Real Estate10.0%22.2%101
337MITCHELLS & BUTLERS PLC250Leisure & Hotels9.1%38.8%111
338LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP PLC100Speciality & Other Finance9.1%32.3%111
339REDEFINE INTERNATIONAL PLC250Real Estate9.1%30.8%111
340METRO BANK PLC250Banks9.1%30.0%111
341JUST GROUP PLC250Speciality & Other Finance9.1%18.8%111
342JARDINE LLOYD THOMPSON GROUP PLC250Insurance9.1%9.7%111
343TBC BANK GROUP PLC250Banks0.0%36.4%90
344SPORTS DIRECT INTERNATIONAL PLC250General Retailers0.0%35.1%60
345EUROMONEY INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR PLC250Media & Entertainment0.0%28.6%90
346STOBART GROUP LTD250Real Estate0.0%21.4%60
347CENTAMIN PLC250Mining0.0%16.7%60
348DAEJAN HOLDINGS PLC250Real Estate0.0%0.0%80
349888 HOLDINGS PLC250Leisure & Hotels0.0%New Entry to Index50
350VIETNAM ENTERPRISE INVESTMENTS LTD (VEIL)250Investment Companies0.0%Investment Trust60