Meeting the demand for flexibility


Virgin Media’s “Boomerang” and Virgin Money’s “ReCareer” Programmes were both launched earlier this year. They are targeted at experienced individuals, many of whom are talented senior women, who have taken an extended career break or are looking to update their skills and knowledge to transition into new roles. The programmes run over a 3 month and 6 month paid fixed term period with the possibility of a permanent role at the end. During their time in the business the participants take on commercially significant assignments based on their skills, interests and prior experience. This enables them to develop their skills and build confidence as well as build experience in a different sector. Ongoing support, coaching and access to internal networks are all part of the Returner scheme commitment. Within the ReCareer Programme, one participant was so good she immediately secured a permanent role in Virgin Money’s Treasury Team.

“Achieving a better gender balance throughout our business is a strategic imperative. Virgin Money has committed to being 50:50 at every level by the end of 2020. Our ReCareer programme is an important part of our strategy and means we are attracting talented people with diverse backgrounds who welcome our culture of flexibility”.
Matt Elliott, People Director Virgin Money

“We are really pleased with the way our Returners programme is working at Virgin Media, since we launched in September and we’re looking to build on its success. Not only has Boomerang created an effective bridge for individuals to return to the workplace after an extended career break, but as a business we are genuinely benefiting from the injection of new talent and energy.”
Catherine Lynch, Chief People Officer Virgin Media