Tackling the shortage of women in STEM


As part of our cross company initiative to increase the number of women in senior roles at Sky, we have undertaken to tackle the difficult issue of a significant lack of gender diversity in the technology industry as a whole. Sky’s “Get into Tech” programme aims to provide a unique and supportive environment in which women with little or no previous technical experience can learn some of the skills necessary to begin a career in the ever more important area of software development. Delivered through our Women in Technology Academy, the training courses have been designed by technology training specialists with courses available full time or part time using evening classes. We provide these courses for free, along with all the equipment to take part, as we are keen to make it as easy and inviting as possible for women at all stages of their careers to become involved.

“Our first course was massively over-subscribed showing the need for such a programme and we are pleased to be leading the way in this space for women in the UK who are interested in exploring a career in technology, where they are sorely needed. We are now seeing some of our alumni starting to come through into our apprenticeships programme so we can see it is really starting to make a difference of which we are incredibly proud”
Anna Cook, Sky’s Director of Service and company sponsor for Women in Leadership