Brewin Dolphin
Women@Brewin: It’s listening to employees and taking action that makes the difference

brewin-dolphin_251w_3At Brewin Dolphin we have been working to create a truly inclusive culture. This has included a focus on increasing gender balance at senior levels and importantly, has also created conversation about the pipeline. I want to ensure that this focus is mirrored across all levels of our organisation, particularly in areas where progress towards gender balance over recent years has been slower than at senior levels.

One of our big successes has been our Women@ Brewin network. We hold roundtable discussions where colleagues have been asked to share their views on career progression and how we can better enable them as an organisation. It’s important that we create an inclusive culture where employees can provide us with honest feedback. These small group discussions have provided the opportunity for women and men colleagues to have deeper conversations and encouraged the continued sharing of ideas.

As a result of these conversations and our annual employee engagement survey we have made a number of changes. These include enhancing shared parental leave and pay so all employees have the same entitlement regardless of gender and ensuring the panel responsible for promotions in our wealth management business is gender balanced. We’re also introducing coaching for employees taking leave to have a child, both before they go on leave and when they return. Our goal is to support women and men to have a smooth and successful transition both out of, and on return to, the workplace.

‘No single initiative will make the difference that’s needed. We will continue to listen to our employees and put measures in place that will create a level playing field for everyone, so that those who want to progress in their career can do so without barriers or bias.’
David Nicol, CEO, Brew Dolphin